In My Kitchen, November 2013

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Hi. My name is Nancy and I snoop around kitchens.

Enabled by Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial every month I get to see what is going on in kitchens around the world, watch the seasons change and ooh and ahhh at produce and gadgets I never knew existed but suddenly covet.

It’s about time I stop surreptitiously lurking and joined in the party so here’s a snoop around my Shanghai kitchen.

My galley kitchen is large by Shanghai standards – there’s room for a 3 gas burner hob, an oven and a dishwasher. What it doesn’t have is any decent size worktop and maybe I have too much crap stuff, but space is tight. Or maybe I’m just a messy cook. In any case, there is room by the window next to the hob for my box of tricks.

IMK November 2013

IMK November 2013

It’s actually a Coca Cola crate I picked up from a shrine sale in Tokyo just before we left. I had visions of being all arty farty and using it as a planter or something but I’m liking it here. It’s a constant reminder of Tokyo and I like that it gets used every day in a really functional way.

IMK November 2013

Mum always buys these chocolate plums for Richard whenever I go back to Melbourne. He has been known to scarf half a kilo of them in a few days so now they are strictly rationed and since he only goes in the kitchen for beer and water he doesn’t know my hiding places. There are only two left from my trip back home in July which is a minor miracle let me tell you.

IMK November 2013

Funny how you crave things you can’t get hold of. I bought just one pack in Dubai airport as a treat to cheer me up after we missed our flights home. Can’t say they cheered me up really as I was in too deep a funk at the time, but if you ever come to visit us you won’t be let over the threshold unless you have several bags of Maltesers, liquorice and wine gums. And marzipan for Rich.

IMK November 2013

I don’t know why I persist in buying bananas. They always go brown and soft so quickly here and end up in the freezer for smoothies and banana  bread. Looks like I’ll be baking at the weekend. Pomegranates are everywhere at the moment and I’m putting them into salads and making spicy salsas to have with grilled salmon and steak.

IMK November 2013

Now I don’t know what sort of tourist you are, but I’m the sort who brings back food with me. We just had 10 days in Sicily and the only shopping I did was at the local market or the Spar. You may know I’ve had problems with flour so our luggage back was full of stuff like this.

IMK November 2013

And this:

IMK November 2013

And I’d show you the parmesan cheese but I’m a bit embarrassed about how much I brought home with me.

Thank you for stopping by. Head over to Celia’s blog for a nosey around every one else’s kitchens – it’s good to have a snoop and you’ll be in good company I promise.

What’s going on in your kitchen this month?





  1. Nancy, what a delight to read your IMK post — I enjoy your writing style. I also admire how you make the most of your kitchen space. Fun, creative!
    Kim | a little lunch recently posted…In My Kitchen, November 2013My Profile

  2. Loving that Coke crate and it’s in really good condition too. Glad you told others what they should bring if they visit. Rather have something you really want than yet another jar of Vegemite. Thanks for joining and showing us around you kitchen!
    Fiona @tiffinbitesized recently posted…In My Kitchen… November 2013My Profile

  3. I’m so glad to read I’m not the only one that brings home food from my travels. I’m always asking my family to bring me foodie treats from Melbourne and I only live in Brisbane. For me its biodynamic oregano from a farmers market in Apollo Bay that I covet, and italian olives from the mediterranean wholesalers that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Fortunately (and I promise I’m not rubbing it in) I can get malteasers here, one of my altime favourite chocolates. Such a great roundup, thanks for letting us into your kitchen. Leah
    Leah recently posted…Buttered ParsnipsMy Profile

    • Don’t get me started on the quality of olives I can get here! Rich has been away in Beijing all week so I’m making my way through that bag he won’t be happy!!!

  4. Hi Nancy, your utensils are so organised I can only dream! I love spar and auchan when in Italy, who needs old rumble for sight seeing when you have salami and cheeses :)
    Jason recently posted…The Three Bs…….My Profile

    • Haha – we saw one lot of ruins and that was it the whole time. Everything else just revolved around eating.

  5. I love that coca cola crate too! Thanks for the peek into your part of the world.
    Lizzy (Good Things) recently posted…In My Kitchen – NovemberMy Profile

    • Hi Lizzy I’m thinking maybe I should go back and buy them all up!

  6. I am also that kind of travellier. When I went to Milan someone asked me if I went shopping and bought some amazing clothes and shoes…what? I thought..I hardly had time to look at all the food!!
    My Kitchen Stories recently posted…Boiled Chocolate and Coffee cake In My kitchen November 2013My Profile

    • Too funny – I spent all my time in the local markets and ducking into butchers and delis!!

  7. G’day Thank you for allowing me to peek in this month, true!
    LOVE the Coca-Cola crate and no its not just you that brings back foods too! :)
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Celia’s IMK
    Joanne T Ferguson recently posted…What’s In My Fridge?My Profile

    • Hi Joanne – looks like we are both in good company bringing back food from our travels :)

  8. Hi- your kitchen space is small but you have some great treasure in there!
    Love the coca cola box with kitchen tools- I like it better used this way- it will last longer- dirt can really destroy wooden boxes.
    Thanks for sharing- I enjoyed visiting in your kitchen.
    heidi recently posted…In My Kitchen-November 2013My Profile

    • Using it as a planter was only a fleeting idea if only because I don’t have green fingers!

  9. Hey, now. I was waiting for the long shot. Where’s the actual kitchen? Not to say I didn’t enjoy seeing all of your goodies from the recent travels.

    I am in KL right now and have already bought a bunch of food to take back to Dubai with me. I would need more that just a few photos to show all the stuff in my cupboards. Now I have to look at DXB for chocolate-covered plums!

    I’ve actually been looking for an old Coke crate like yours. I thought it might be perfect for holding my paper muffin cups. :)

    Popping over to visit Celia now. Kitchen voyeurism. I may have found a new hobby!
    Stacy recently posted…Shrimp with Fried Onion Dip SauceMy Profile

    • It’s a dangerous hobby Stacy :)
      The kitchen is really boring – there’s not much to see. The ayi’s room though is choka full of casseroles, mixers and alcohol though so maybe I’ll post that next time it’s much more interesting!

  10. Love your coke crate – I wish I had one!
    Gustoso recently posted…In My Kitchen: November 2013My Profile

    • Thank you – I’m a little bit pleased with it!

  11. Enjoyed my peek in your kitchen! That Coke crate is a fun treasure and I love the way you’re using it. I’ve never had a chocolate plum, sounds like a tasty treat. My kitchen is halfway round the world from yours! :)
    Marianne recently posted…In My Kitchen ~ November 2013My Profile

    • I’ve just peeked into your kitchen and I want to see all your other recipe cards!

  12. Love your crate full of things… and so colourful!!
    I´always come back from trips with food, cookies, different kinds of pepper, and from the Freeshop at the airrport….M&M
    They are my adiction!
    Nice to meet your kitchen this month.

    • It’s certainly very handy and everything I need to right on hand next to the stove. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Wait til I come back from Melbourne after Christmas that’s my big kitchen shop of the year!

  13. IMK posts are really going international. What is a shrine sale?
    How wonderful to have a plentiful supply of pomegranates; they’re just an expensive luxury here in the UK.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m just an Aussie in Shanghai :)
      A shrine sale is a flea market held in the grounds of shrines in. You can pick up some wonderful bargains and oddities for not a lot of money. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I only discovered how wonderful they were in my last year there so didn’t pick up many things, but if you ever make a trip there they are worth checking out. The listings are in the expat magazines and easily found.

  14. Hi Nancy – Welcome to the IMK family. I buy food when I am on holidays too, so don’t worry. Good choice of flours, btw.

    • Thank you :) I wasn’t sure about which flours to buy but after taking a cooking class I have finally seen the light about using proper 000 flour for pasta so I knew I had to bring a couple of kilos back with me.

  15. oh I am in love with your Coca Cola utensils caddy, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Welcome to the IMK family!! x
    Lisa the Gourmet Wog recently posted…In My Kitchen – November 2013My Profile

  16. I got so excited to peek into your kitchen that I totally skived off at work to read your post when the email came through :p I’ve never ever heard of a chocolate plum before – is it the kind of thing that you pick up at a deli? Your bananas reminded me of a forgotten banana of my own… that may or may not still be sitting in the pocket of my sparkly handbag… I should go see to that :p
    Jas@AbsolutelyJas recently posted…In My Kitchen – NovemberMy Profile

    • Did you really?? Hahaha. Those chocolate plums are from the Polish Deli close to Mum’s house but you can get them at Russian deli’s too. They are semi dried plums covered in chocolate – not quite prunes, so not tight in texture. They are still very soft. Mum normally gives Rich a 500g bag to take home with him which he devours in a matter of days unless I hide them!!

  17. I love your Coca Cola crate! So gorgeous. And you have so many gorgeous utensils. I love pomegranates and it’s lucky they’re in such abundance. Welcome to the series! xx
    Hotly Spiced recently posted…In My Kitchen, November 2013My Profile

    • I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it but I think it was around $15. I wish I’d bought a couple more of them now for presents :)

  18. It’s so much fun seeing what everyone has in their kitchens! All of the links are going up today too! :D

    • I know I’ve spent a couple of hours going through them all :)

  19. I’ve been eager for a peek into your Shanghai kitchen. It’s bigger than I expected it to be and you have some nifty things. I always buy too much food when I travel.

    John doesn’t ever binge (I wish I’d gotten that gene) so I never have to hide anything.
    Maureen | Orgasmic Chef recently posted…1 More Week ’til Brisbane Good Food and Wine ShowMy Profile

    • I’m glad it’s not just me who brings back food. I sometimes wish I was filling up my cases with shoes though instead of flour.

  20. Nancy, how fabulous to have you joining in! You’re our first Shanghai kitchen! And I love that it’s filled with flour from Italy, and lollies from Melbourne, and a Coca-Cola crate from a shrine sale in Tokyo! :) The crate is actually quite beautiful – if you decide not to use it to store tools, it really WOULD make a wonderful planter box!

    • Now you put it like that the kitchen is a little United Nations isn’t it. It’s lovely to be involved instead of lurking :)

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